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Search Engine Optimization

At MadHawks broadly our SEO process includes On–page analysis and Off–page analysis(Content Marketing)

On-Page: Brand Search

Capitalizing on the low hanging fruits with optimizing the website and making it brand term friendly

  • Organic Result - More than 90%
  • Natural Search

On-Page: Non Brand

Fixing all on-page bugs and insuring content is easily accessible to search engines.

  • Keywords, Content Analysis
  • Technical & Backlink Analysis

Content Marketing

Building authoritative and organic content on the third party website to build the authority of website.

  • Acquiring high quality links
  • Quora Marketing
Keywords Optimized
Organic Traffic Increase
Organic Conversions
Content Published
Bounce Rate Decrease

Other SEO Opportunities

International SEO

International SEO is geotargeting at a country level - If majority of your website users are other Geo locations then you need this

E-Commerce SEO

If you sell on Amazon and optimizing your products - then you're losing 30% of your business

Local SEO

If you optimize of your Google my business you can increase your conversions by 4-8% depending upon the business.

SEO Tools


Why SEO?

SEO is all about elevating the website’s quality and quantity level. For doing so, one needs to increase the visibility of given pages on search engines, which further means attaining better rankings for unpaid results. The “return-on-investment” is pretty high with our SEO marketing!

What are the benefits of our SEO services?

SEO has tons of reasons to prove its importance:

  • Our SEO services help in developing trustworthiness among your clients.
  • We have pretty firm long-term strategies for attaining and maintaining success.
  • If you are targeting to be on top of the SERPs and drive heavy traffic, then SEO plays a vital role. Linking those users to your site also becomes easy because of that heavy organic traffic, and we’re experts at this.
  • Our SEO strategies help you beating the competitors in lesser time in contrast to other techniques and practices.
  • Business growth and attaining goals can be done much faster via our SEO services.
  • It elevates navigation of the website and boosts user experience.

Why choose us?

It is true that gaining supreme ranking in search engines needs a lot of patience, but someone like us can bring results in comparatively less time, all because of long experience!

  • SEO work begins with intense research. We start our search engine optimization campaign only after spending a good time in researching, which highly helps in approaching high ranks with both long tail and short tail keywords.
  • There are numerous tools for finding the right keywords. However, none of them shows the exact statistics. Still, there are specific paid tools, which bring the most relevant data, not just regarding the keywords, but much more! We are armed with a whole set of expensive tools for attaining perfection in our research.
  • Concerning SEO, we believe in working smart and keep on holding consistency. By this, we mean that once your page has gained a good rank, we don’t leave any chances to the competitors to beat us (all because of our intense analyzing and search on the competitor’s strategies and techniques). As a result, your page will hold on the higher positions for much longer.

Other key SEO ranking

Up to date with the Latest Algorithms

All major search engines keep on changing their algorithms every now and then. Besides that, at certain times, dramatic changes come in the “consideration factors” of these search engines, on the basis of which these engines rank various pages.

As a result, our experts are always up to date with the updates of the algorithms of these search engines, leaving no chance for our competitors to outrank us!

Building High authority Content

Building high authority content is the primary factor for pushing content to a higher rank, and further, bringing more traffic. By proving high authority content, we attract high-quality links to our client’s site, and these

Building a strong backlink profile

One strong and relevant backlink can drive more traffic, and impress the search engines much more than a bunch of thousand low-quality backlinks. Our expert team has an excellent sense of backlink building, and we build a network of high authority backlinks. This has worked as a super strategy for us, and we’ve been consistently successful in increasing the number of “top-10 rankings” of our client’s pages.

Increasing the visit duration

Just driving sufficient traffic won’t be enough for holding top ranks. Visit duration plays a vital role here. Our job is to make on Page SEO very strong, and the same goes for the readability. We have been highly successful in increasing the visit duration and decreasing the bounce rate.

Regular audits

Just the On-page and Off-page hard work don’t prove to be enough. We keep a sharp eye on what’s going on with our client’s pages that we’ve ranked. We ensure proper site audits at regular intervals and provide protection against harmful elements such as negative SEO attacks.

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