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Influencer Marketing

We at MadHawks works with more than 6000+ influencers across Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and twitter.

Celebrity Influencers

1M+ Followers

TV Celebrity Influencers

500K - 1M+ Followers

Macro Influencers

100K - 500K Followers

Micros Influencers

10K - 100K Followers

Influencer Engagement Opportunites

Product Launch

If you’re about to launch or reintroduce your product then we’re the perfect match for you. We not only devise the influencer strategy in fact we also help with how can we leverage the moment marketing to maximise the reach of the campaign.

Brand Activation

Start-up's about to launch your product/service then we’re the perfect match for you. We not only devise the influencer strategy in fact we also help with how can we leverage the moment marketing to maximize the reach of the campaign.

Website Revamp

Any Start-up or estabished brand going live with a new website or an App or going live after revamp then we're the perfect match for you. We can help you devise the right strategy and right set of influencer to shout out about the website or the App launch.

Influencers Meet

Any FMCG or a consumer durable brand and looking to organise influncer/bloggers meet then we're the perfect match. We organize 2-3 bloggers meet every quarter & one big conference where we invite influencer & blogger across country.

Latest Influencer Campaign


Why Influencer Marketing ?

As such, brands enjoy leveraging influencers – particularly those with large followings – to reach out to the mass audience. In fact, results from a survey conducted in 2019 revealed that 80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective and close to two-thirds intend to increase their expenditure.

What are the benefits of our social Media Marketing Services?

Increase brand awareness
They are essentially the bridge between companies and potential leads. Influencers have a loyal pool of followers on hand, ever-ready to take in any information which comes their way. With the help of social media, engaging with their followers and sharing content has become much easier. Naturally, influencer marketing seems like the way to go. Be it one influencer with a higher follower count or a crowd of influencers with lower follower count, they each have their own way of connecting with their followers.
Personalized content
An influencer’s advertisements are generally more appealing than that of brands simply because he/she delivers personalized content in a style unique to them. This could be their way of introducing a product, or a creative video edit which increases their likeability and generates interest. With personalized content, influencers are able to produce posts that are relevant to what their followers like and therefore, are able to help drive interests for products/services – the second stage of the AIDA model, Interest.
With the increase in celebrity endorsements comes the question of whether they truly use that product. After all, celebrities receive large amounts of money in exchange for putting their name behind a product/service. A good example would be Khloe Kardashian’s endorsement for Sugar Bear Hair vitamins – is her hair on fleek because of the vitamins or her ever-ready team of hair stylists? We’ll never know.

Why Choose Us?

Our strong passion for innovation and creativity makes us a brilliant digital marketing and influencer marketing partner. We constantly strive to find new ways to enhance the revenue levels of our clients.

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