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The Major Changes in SEO for this year 2020

The Major Changes in SEO for this year 2020

Google makes over 3000 algorithm updates per year. You can imagine that in 2020 a lot of things are gonna change. So in this blog, we are going to discuss the Major Changes in SEO for this year 2020.

So what’s gonna happen in this year of 2020. Well! We will be discussing the changes below.

  1. ( Voice Search): In the year 2020, all the online searches will be based on Voice Search.
  2. (Google Bert Update): Google Bert Update was introduced on 25th October 2019. (BERT – Bidirectional Encoder Representatives For Transformers). It measures focuses on human intent. This algorithm is for a better understanding of Natural language processing.
  3. (2 Link Attributes): Google makes big changes to No Follow, Introduces 2 Links Attributes. One is Sponsored Link & another one is UGC.

Sponsored identifies links that are sponsored, advertising or similar to that.

UGC is User-generated content (Commenting and Forum).

  • (Update on Review Rich Snippet): Google will show Review Rich Snippets only to Books, Videos, Movies, Events, Recipe, etc. Google will not show self-serving reviews in Featured Snippet.
  • (Meta Description): Currently, the Meta description is not affecting our SEO ranking directly. It helps us to get better CTR.
  • (Assumptions): Assumptions on health, Drugs, and Medicine Websites. It has been observed that whenever a new update comes, these types of websites get easily affected and lose their rank.
  • (Short Term Blogging Plan): If you have any short term blogging plan for 3 to 6 months, then don’t go for it. Because Google bots are more smart & active. They can annalize your suspicious activities and won’t help you to get rank.
  • (H1 Tags Confusion): There is lots of confusion about whether one H1 Tag or multiple. As per the statement, we can use multiple H1 Tags. It’s not a critical issue.
  • (Robots.Txt No Index Update): This update was implemented in September 2019. In this update, Google Crawler doesn’t support No Index directive in Robots.Txt.
  • (External Link): Link your website to a higher authority website. For example, If you are taking content from the SemRush then in brackets, write down the Source URL., for example, SemRush, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc.
  • (SemRush Research): As per SemRush analysis, It has been observed that if you comment more than 5 comments in a blog with engaging contents, Images, and informative source then it will help to get Rank easily by reducing the Bounce Rate and engaging users.
  • (Assumption): Videos will be more beneficial than images. Except for assumption tags, video in-between content performs better than that of Images and Screenshots.
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