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Social Media Marketing | All you need to know.

Social Media Marketing | All you need to know.

what is social media marketing?

So we all think that social media marketing is about creating pages on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. & posting some ads., pictures, videos, contents, etc.

We all think that the main aim of social media marketing is to run ads!!!! But it’s not like social media marketing is only limited to this. It is actually if your customer is asking something & he can’t come to your store then he can use social. He can message you through Facebook, tweet through Twitter. So this is also the part of social media marketing. And maybe like that, I want to recruit an employee in my company and I don’t want to post on which we may have seen nowadays. We post on our Facebook wall that we need an employee. So what will happen is your friends of friends etc. can refer & you can easily hire a person and the companies who take a commission for this won’t be needed. So it’s not just sharing things on a page, it’s beyond your mind.

Ok, I can say that if we want to sell something then no doubt we can use social media & sell our products via social media & can create brand awareness. Social media is a good way for brand awareness. For example; If there’s a person who doesn’t know about your product & there’s a product of something like a beard. now what you will do is, create brand awareness with the audience. in the beginning, you can sell it online only. & after that, you can sell it offline as well. So now you can understand that it’s just because of brand awareness{Social media} that your product is a well-known product. one more thing, you can do is PR activities. You can improve your image or defame it. You would have heard about a rumor that BJP has IT cell and they did this, that, etc. But the fact is that BJP has an IT cell and they are doing social media marketing, they are creating fake posts, fake news and they are easily shared & people don’t know what is true or what is false. So here you can improve or defame a brand. So social media marketing is also good for PR activities as well. and the best thing is internal communication. So for example; there’s a company whose office is in the USA, London, etc. and they want to talk to their employees & don’t want to spend on calls. So they can use Skype video calls, a conference on hangout or Zoom, etc. They can add the total team in those conference calls.

So basically we can divide social media marketing into 5 parts.

  • Collaborative projects 

Collaborative means two or more than two people work, like Wikipedia. Wikipedia has pages and written information about everything. But who writes it? because Wikipedia persons are not doing it. Nowadays, the company writes them itself because it improves Seo. But ideally, anyone can write it. About anything. 

  • Blogs & Micro Blogs

Microblogging means written content on WordPress. You can add your blogs on WordPress where people can see your blog & there they comment on your blog. & You can reply to their comments. This is also a part of social media marketing.

  • Content communities

Content community is where content is posted just like the video on youtube where people will see our content.

  • Social network sites

So Social network sites are where we can communicate with our friends & can search for people like ours & can talk with them.

  • Virtual game/Social world

Its like Clash of clans or any other online games. In this, we create our city and we can communicate with any person in the world. We can add our friends & can talk with them.

So it’s like a VR. A world of VR, where everything seems real & we can play with each other like call of duty, many games are online. So that is a part of the VR & social world.

I hope you all LIKE it. if any doubts, do ask me in the comment section or you can reach @ to know more about it.

Plz, do Like share and tell me in the comment who are interested in Social media marketing.

Social media marketing is cheap And if you have a mind, you can do it well if you have creativity in your mind.

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