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Major Marketing Trends that will help you in 2020

Major Marketing Trends that will help you in 2020

Out of all the marketing spaces out there, Social media is the one that changes almost every year and it changes so drastically. And look if you want to follow advice from one or two years ago, it’s not really gonna work in the future. So in this blog, we will gonna share about the Trends you should absolutely be paying attention to this year to stay live on the internet.

Major Marketing Trend #1


So no need to tell you how awesome Video is Because nowadays everyone is watching videos on youtube. But its not just about youtube, Between NetFlix, Snapchat and Instagram stories, Facebook live. It is no secret that video has become a staple in our everyday life. And by 2021, 82 percent of all internet traffic will come through Video. And if you are not taking advantage of video marketing, you absolutely need to be. And this includes Live video too. So buy 2021, it’s expected that 13 percent of all internet traffic will come from Live Video.  And one more thing that you should know that NetFlix has reported that its nearly 180 million subscribers watch 140 million hours of video content on average per day which is 71 minutes per user per day. Before move on to next trend you should know that the purpose of your video is not education or entertainment but rather engagement, shorter videos do in fact and perform longer videos, and testing has shown that the videos around 2 minutes in link generate the highest level of engagement and it makes sense. When you asking for something from your viewer engagement, get to the point or beg on.


Major Marketing Trend #2


The future of affected Email Marketing will be sending as Behavior-based emails in real-time through Subscriber. In fact, 78 percent of consumers say that Personally-Relevant Content is a determining factor. And a lack of relevancy in marketing messaging leads to a massive 83 percent decrease in Engagement. So it makes sense that a recent study showed that  Relevant Emails triggered based on the Behavior are 3times more effective.

Major Marketing Trend #3


It’s still highly possible to run an effective marketing campaign through a single marketing channel like Facebook ads, Emails, or Social media. What’s changing is the need to have all of these channels to communicate with one another behind the scenes to create hyper-relevant communication that tailors to your audience’s actions. So for example, if one of your follower’s checks suppose on your instagram and goes on watches a Webinar that you hosted you want to send them an email asking them to sign up to that very same Webinar that they have watched. You would very likely be having the chances of turning that subscriber into a long term customer because they no longer feel that they get one to one relationship with you. It becomes apparent that they’re simply being marketed too. This is becoming increasingly important as more & more people are engaging across multiple devices which OMNI-CHANNEL & OMNI-DEVICE tracking a must and in fact, 98 percent of people switch between devices on the same day. 87 percent of consumers believe Brands should be putting more effort into OMNI-CHANNEL initiatives. So we encourage you to use Emails, Social media, chatbots, Sms & Desktop notifications.

OMNI-CHANEL MARKETING helps create stronger Brand loyalty & drastically improves your customer lifetime value. In fact, companies that utilize optimized OMNI-CHANNEL strategies report a 91 percent increase in retention rate over those companies that do not.

Major Marketing Trend #4


The Future of Search is Voice. According to Google right now 20percent of all Searches are voice queries through digital assistance like Amazons Alexa and next year they expect that no.2 SKYROCKET over 50%. I mean it makes sense as mobile usage has been on the rise for years and 71% of all mobile users are between 18 – 29 and use voice assistance regularly on their smartphones. So We’re curious to know how often do you do voice search or use digital assistance. So Comment below and let us know. Because for every one voice search is becoming second nature. Anytime we’re looking for a quick answer or something and this is kind of crazy but digital assistance is going beyond and it’s actually evolvent to understand the user’s intent and behavior. So it actually grows smarter and smarter in every single interaction.

So these are the four Major Marketing Trends that are taking over the Internet right now.

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