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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company?

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company?

Wikipedia is the One of the most Viewed website in the world which have 6.3 Million + Visitors Daily, by YouTube and Social Medias. Wikipedia helps us to get more information about a specific topic that we are searching. By Creating a Wikipedia page for your Company can easily attract your clients Trust. Client will easily trust on your Company because Wikipedia is a professional Website. Now let’s talk about.

Advantages of Wikipedia Page :-

If you want to grow your company online easily and grow more trust about your company, so it is important to create a Wikipedia page. If Anyone search about your company the page will show on the top of the google because Wikipedia is a High DA ( domain authority) website with Higher backlinks and Visitors. Wikipedia page will tell about Your business services and About your company,Trusts and Certificates

How To Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company?

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company?
How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company?

Check step by step instructions to create a Wikipedia page for your Business. Before Creating a article about your business or Company first you need to sign in| Log in in Wikipedia, if you haven’t create an account so you can create a account By clicking on the top right Corner.

Build Trust on Your Account :-

How To Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company?

Building trust can help you any way on your life , so it is important to make trust on your account and please don’t edit Wrong things on others page, If Wikipedia Team Track your IP Address they can Easily Block your Account. After creating a Account on Wikipedia, You just need to learn how to use, you need to find pages and improve the mistakes they have done in the pages, If Wikipedia Team like your work , Team will impress on you.

How to Edit Pages on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has a lot of pages you can edit but some official big pages like Google and other You can’t edit because they are officially are not edited by you, only a person can edit these page, who created it.

It is simply to edit Wikipedia pages you need to tap on Pencil Icon and improve mistakes and if you have more information about the topic you can provide and save your changes.

Advantages to Edit Wikipedia page:-

The Biggest advantage to edit Wikipedia page is your trust will build automatically, or the more best awesome advantage is:- You can add your site link on Wikipedia, But but, If your site link matches about the topic so it will be sit on the page you’ve added.

But in Case you’ve Only added your site link, if your site doesn’t have the topic, So Wikipedia will remove the link of your site. And it happens your account in Risk. Now we’ve talked about many things about Wikipedia now we are going to tell you:-

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Business?

Now we are telling a example:- In this Small screenshot You can see that we searched about a company but this is not exist , You also need to search about your company, if your company not registered on Wikipedia The red line will show and it will ​” ask for it to be created”.
Simply Click On the Link it will redirects you to:-

Article Wizard Wikipedia :-

When you click on Ask for to be created” The article wizard will be opened and it will be seen like this:-You have to click on “Wikipedia article Wizard” And it will redirects to the ​article & Sandbox Page.

Article & Sandbox

The article and sandbox page will seen like this,

There will be 2 options visible, Next and Edit sandbox, you have to click on ​Edit Sandbox ​After clicking on the button a blank page is for you. you need to tell about your company, development, Services And please add helpful links to get more response.

Review & Submit

After creating a article a option will be available ” Submit your page for review” After clicking on the button your page will be submitted for review and don’t forget to add Other websites backlinks, it can help you to get more visitors on your page.

If Wikipedia likes your Article it will be approved and show on the Wikipedia and search engines.

Important Note :- ​If your article or page is approved you have to update the page, time to time and add more services ,it helps to maintain your page on search engines it will increase the response or your company will be promoted.

Final Words | Conclusion Creating a Page on Wikipedia

Keep the steps and instructions in your mind to create a page on Wikipedia website, Grow your business and reach more peoples in the world of Internet.

Optimize your business with Wikipedia and enter detailed information ,be a social media page for better results.

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