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Crisis management

On social media, things move blazingly fast. At certain times, things inexplicably viral. But sometimes, it’s a PR crisis that comes out of nowhere.

One’s best chance to deal with such a social media crisis is to thoroughly prepare before time. We have a solid plan, a list of key responsibilities, and an impactful chain of command.

We believe it’ better to prevent a crisis before it begins destroying your brand’s or business’ reputation.

Why should you hire MadHawks?

Tackling a crisis in the online environment, where information & issues spread at the light’s speed, has been a massive provocation for everybody, and for tackling this, you should definitely take our support for avoiding dignity harm.

Our specialized team has all modern methods for spotting potential issues the time they emerge and deal smartly in shutting problems down in the early stages.

What are our master Crisis Management techniques?

We have some tremendous techniques, which work as antidotes of Crisis management (such online crisis are no less than a virus). We’d like to explain the methods practiced by our expert team under crisis management.

Firstly, we recognize the crisis

Certainly, you find people saying rude things about your business, brand, etc. online. That’s counted as a fact, not a crisis. In true words, recognizing the crisis is crucial, as taking steps without need is nothing but extravagances.

If enough people are mentioning the same negative things about your business or brand on social, at the very same time, that is certainly a crisis. Our expert teams solve such issues before one or two negatives evolve to any serious crisis. For that, we always keep a keen eye on the day to day happenings on your sites, pages, social media accounts, etc.

We create a social media policy

Some of the worst social media situations begin with any employee posting inappropriate stuff. This can spoil the online image in no time.

We create a strong social media policy for your company. We provide clear guidelines for suitable use and outline expectations for branded accounts. Further, we explain how employees should talk about the business on their personal channels. Our media policy depends upon your business type and brand size.

We secure your accounts

We, at MadHawks, take full responsibility for protecting your business-related social media accounts against vulnerabilities. Most importantly, we provide multi-layer protection from hackers.

We use social listening to recognize potential issues

A good social listening program highly helps spot an emerging issue on various social media platforms well before it turns into a crisis for your business.

We closely monitor brand mentions and access advanced warning of any surge of social activity. We deeply and regularly capture how people feel about your brand. In case we notice a sudden change, we immediately lay down our investigation to catch the root and close the chances of possible damages.

We have special tools for alerting us of such an online crisis!

  • Our tools quickly alert about offensive or dangerous content targeting your brand. We shut down the issue much before it does any damage.
  • We stop malicious links from getting posted on your social channels.
  • We shield you against various scams targeting your customers or your business.

We’ve got smart crisis communication plan

We’ve got wide social media crisis communication plans for responding quickly to any potential issue. Our experts take quick actions and prevent things from getting worst.

Acting fast is crucial. More than 25% of crises spread internationally within an hour. More interestingly, 21 hours of time, is what companies take in an average for defending themselves in a meaningful way. That means that the crisis itself has almost a day to cause damage throughout the web!

No worries, as our experts consume even lesser time in solving the issue than the time period in which the crisis spread. We are already very cautious, but in case your brand or website is already facing such crises, before hiring us, we take no time in getting things under control.

Our website and social media crisis communication plan include:

  • Guidelines for identifying the magnitude and type of a crisis.
  • A strong communication plan for regular internal updates.
  • Responsibilities and roles for every department.
  • Special approval processes for all messaging posted on your website and social media.
  • Up-to-date contact information for important employees.
  • A strong link to your website and social media policy.
  • Any pre-approved external images, messages, or information.

No matter how well you prepare yourself, the nature of a crisis states that you won’t be able to settle everything with just a couple of social media posts, or some apologies. We perform a set of smart actions for settling things.

Smart dealing with negative audience

Once you’ve posted any initial response on your business social media or website, a few people will surely comment on something negative, but arguing with them will harm your brand or website’s dignity. Just avoiding them will not work!

It can be very harmful to drag such a negative audience to long conversions. Our expert team works smartly and deals with people in a short and effective method without arguing.


Why is crisis communication important?

Crisis communications are crucial when problems arise. Regardless of the event’s nature, companies need to be prepared to respond to the public without delay. With social media, every single minute, a situation goes unanswered highly matters in losing goodwill customer trust.

What does a crisis management team do?

A crisis management team manages and leads individuals, communicate important information to various departments, and analyze the issue and potential damages. Undoubtedly, the crisis management team plays a vital role in maintaining dignity and goodwill of your website, pages, or the business itself!

Online crises are also of many types; that’s why a specialized crisis management team follows respective and relevant steps for solving various sorts of these crises. In short, they protect you and your business from negative publicity.

How can public relations be used for managing a crisis?

When a brand or website is in crisis, the public relations team communicates and relates to the public for effectively repairing the damage and also restore the company’s reputation in the public eyes. Listening to people and rightly, action on feedback proves to be highly helpful. People must feel heard & understood. Trying to argue with them will just create tension.

What’s the role of social media in your crisis response?

It strictly depends on the niche, which your website or company operates, but mostly, communication on social media is essential nowadays. Each company exists online today. Even if it doesn’t lead its own social media channels or profiles, customers are there.

They share their opinions, praise, experiences, and complaints online. It means that each crisis circumstance will leak to social media. In today’s date, the online crisis spread mostly on social media platforms only. Similarly, social media highly helps in dealing with such a crisis.

What is the comparison between digital crisis management and risk analysis in relation to social media for any business?

We exclaim that risk analysis is nothing, but the premier crisis stage where you just try to understand yourself towards the brand and digital crisis is the actual crisis that has occurred across the digital platforms. We can’t avert the crisis stage; however, if the risk analysis is performed rightly, we can surely build a shield for such future brand crisis.

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