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Google Updates

1). Google’s 2002 Update: Google Dance:

It was named as Google dance which was announced in 2002. It was a change in algorithm which determined websites’ positioning. As a result, many websites lost their ranking and those on top, were disappeared, which attracted a lot of hue and cry.

Google Confirmation: Yes

2). Google’s 2003 Update: In this year too, scores of changes were made to ranking algorithms and series of updates were declared.

Florida Update: The result was catastrophic as scores of websites were pushed onto the lower the order or onto lower pages while some were wiped off from Google completely. Keyword stuffing and other cheap SEO tactics were targeted and SEO practices thus ushered into a new era. 

Fritz: With this update, indexing of websites was carried out on daily basis and fresh results were thus had. Besides, it also took aim at black hat SEO techniques.

Esmeralda:  Big and drastic changes were made to infrastructure.

Dominic: With this update, search results were deeply affected and searches were started to be influenced by themes also, other than keywords. Changes were made in crawling of websites too.

Cassandra: This update was targeted towards spamming tactics and illegal ways of creating backlinks. Backlinks that had similar IP address, hidden texts and which were owned by similar companies or individuals, were prime target.

Boston: The update comprised of an array of algorithm changes and then changes in indexing was introduced, which was called Google Dance, as varied search results were recorded after this update.       

Google Update 2004:

What was Google 2004 update?

Brandy: (confirmed update)It was on February 1,2004 when an array of changes were introduced wherein index specification  was a major event, which was termed as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). The underlying effort was to give relevance to anchor text as well as to the concept of grouped linking. Clearly, with LSI in place, Google showed great leaning towards analysing keywords and synonym was taken to superior level. 

Austin: Jan 01, 2004. (Unconfirmed update) This was the update which was considered to be the remedy for certain weak areas which were missed out from Florida update. The hidden intent was to target on-page activities which were deceptive such as invisible text and over-grouping meta tags. Some webmasters had the opinion that Google placed “Hilltop” algorithm and page relevance was started to be taken seriously, from then on.


What was the Google Update of 2005?

In the year 2005 too, world witnessed a series of changes by Google to its algorithm. Such changes occur over the months and targeted different aspects of the Google searching game. Some of those changes were confirmed while remained unconfirmed. We present those changes here:

Big Daddy or what was Big Daddy update?

(Confirmed Update)

Such was actually an update that was concerned with infrastructure such as the most recent one “Caffeine” and it took months in completing it in proper way. It was mainly concerned with URL canonicalization that is about the authority of a web page and then also addressed the issues of 301 and 302 redirects while other technical issues were also addressed thereby.

Google Local/ Maps:

(Confirmed Update)

That was in the month of March 2005 that Google set up Local Business Centre where businesses were encouraged to provide their addresses, nature of business and other information useful for expansion. Further, with Google restructuring data procured from Maps into LBC, that was a decision which webmasters today regard as the crucial factor behind a lot of changes taken place in Local SEO.

Jagger Update or what was Google’s Jagger Update of 2005?

(Confirmed Update)

Any types of weak links are not preferred by Google and that was in 2005, that Jagger update was released where weak and low quality links were targeted. Besides, the effort was also to check reciprocal links, proliferating links through unethical means (i.e. link farming) and even when payment was made to procure links. Jagger update was introduced in various phases and it took 3 months in completing it, that from September to November while October witnessed the huge impact.

Gilligan Update or what was Google’s Gilligan update of 2005?

(Unconfirmed Update)

Webmasters were of the opinion that some changes were there, but Google didn’t  go to announce any sort of algorithm update. Mat Cuss mentioned in his blog that index data was updated daily by Google in 2005 but for other metrics and for toolbar PR, those got Google’s attention in 3 months.  

XML Sitemaps or What was the update related to XML Sitemaps?

(Confirmed Update)

The year 2005 was the beginning when webmasters were able to submit XML sitemaps through the specific tools and for this, they were not required to do HTML sitemaps first and hence SEO efforts got a minor boost over crawling and indexation.

Personalised Search update or What was the personalized search update of Google?

(Confirmed Update)

In 2005, while earlier settings were to be changed for personalization alongside profiles, but with this update around, personalized search was brought into effect which was guided by earlier searches and such histories guided the eventual results. Clearly, the impact was limited initially such search history was utilized for a variety of other applications, on later stages.

What was Bourbon Update by Google?

(Confirmed Update)

With this update, the objective was to check duplicate or copied content and then URLs which were free from canonical errors were addressed too. 

What is Allegra Update of Google of 2005?

(Unconfirmed Update)

It was in 2005 that this update was rolled out and ranking were affected as a result but what actually was this update all about, is still unclear. Some considered that ‘sandbox” has been targeted with Allegra but others’ thoughts were about the changes in LSI. Further, some even considered Google to be putting a penalty upon illegal links or the links that are made through black hat practices and were thus suspicious. 

What is No Follow update from Google?

(Confirmed Update)

In order to check spam and to enable quality in outbound links, this was the update which was collectively put forth by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, “no follow” aspect which we widely see in today’s SEO world, was emphasized upon. With no follow, unwarranted links and inferior comments meant for cheap marketing were checked for. 

Although, such is not considered to be a regular algo update but still this casted a deep impact upon the link graph. 

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